I’m bushed…

Chickens in the mist...

Working today seemed easy at the time – but now that it’s over  – I hurt.

We butchered 40 Freedom Ranger chickens today that we raised over the last 12 weeks. It took us four and a half hours from set up to clean up to get them all slaughtered and butchered and in the freezer. We worked on concrete so that’s why my back and feet hurt. Oh – we in this case was hubby, daughter, son-in-law, one of the grandsons (until he had to leave for a sleep-over at a friends), and me.

We do this for a few reasons. One – we know where these chickens were raised, we know the quality of their lives and the feed used to raise them. We also know that they had a good life with only one bad day. We also know that we could never afford to feed the family with this high quality meat if we had to buy it from the store.

We bought organic feed and lot of grit and kept them in a pvc tunnel covered in plastic with plenty of green plants (aka weeds) inside to keep them foraging for the first few weeks, then we included fresh greens in the form of weeds from the gardens, soaked sprouts, fresh raw milk and cheese (we have goats), waste fruit from various trees, and worms from our worm bins.

So going to the trouble to raise our own and do our own slaughter and butchering may seem to some as unnecessary, but in our minds it gives us a break on our grocery bill, helps us eat super healthy, and allows us to eat the best tasting roast chicken and chicken soup EVER!!!!

I can’t wait to make bone broth with these!!