Homemade Herbal Animal Dewormer & Tonic

Source: Homemade Herbal Animal Dewormer & Tonic

We had the Doc out in June to test the goats, yearly testing as required for the WSDA as a commercial dairy. We have been CAE & CL free for 5 years in a row so we now test randomly and I’m happy to say our herd is still free of CAE & CL. As to the rest of the testing we are negative on all goats for Johnes Disease, Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, & Q Fever.

One other test we did for the goats is a bit surprising, at least to the vet, we had fecals done to test for various worms. I’ve been using an herbal wormer from FirMedow LLC for years and usually don’t have trouble with worm load. This year I lost a few babies to something and thought I’d test to see if our worm load had changed since the last test a few years ago. The vet and I talked about the symptoms of the baby goats before they died and she was convinced that it was a heavy worm load and recommended that after testing we do some heavy chemical worming…which I avoid like the plague! I don’t allow chemical laden food in my kitchen so why in the world would I give my goats any? Besides that the milk would be contaminated for weeks with chemicals and would not be safe to consume let alone sell to the public!

So needless to say I was a bit anxious to get the results back to see what I was going to do…shouldn’t have lost sleep on that one!! The vet said the worm load was so low she only caught 4 eggs in one sample and 8 eggs in another and not a single one in any of the baby goats!!! Whew!! Herbal wormers ROCK!!!!! The vet said with such a LOW worm load they recommend once a year worming, I’ll continue with herbs instead.

I know a lot of people can’t afford to spend the money on herbs, or think because they give Ivermectin to humans in Africa that it won’t hurt to drink the milk of an animal wormed with it, and in most cases you are probably right in the short term…but on the developing body of an infant or child I prefer not to take a chance and a lot of my customers rely on me taking good enough care of my goats to make buying my goat milk products with a safe option for all family members regardless of age or health status. Remember the elderly and infirm are just as susceptible to contaminated products as the very young.

I saw this post on home made herbal wormers and thought of a few friends who have been asking about what I do for my goats so they can have the same success with their goats and thought I’d post this info and the above site so more people can enjoy the benifits of using herbal wormers.


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