Herbal Formulas for Animals

I’ve been studying herbs since the 1970s…yes, just dated myself…and I’ve found several sites that give great information and detailed formulas. I purchase the herbal formula in bulk from FirMeadowLLC and have been using it for about 4 years now. I just this year finally made up some “cookies” for the dogs and goats but before last month I only dropped the herbs on their food and let them lick it up. Never had a dog or goat refuse to lick the bowl clean! When I made the ‘cookies’ for the goats they adored them (who wouldn’t love something with molasses) but the two large livestock guardians (made with peanut butter base) refused to eat it so I had to close their mouths and make them swallow, but the two house dogs ate them like they were candy! So, I’ll continue to sprinkle doses on top of the dogs food and since it’s easier than making cookies will probably still top dress the goats feed as well, but I’ll give cookies to the two little house dogs.

FirMeadowLLC – I order a lot of her formulas for my family and my animals.

To Sing With Goats – I recently found this site with a detailed recipe for making your own herbal wormer.

Fiasco Farms – I have this site bookmarked, I started making cheese with her instructions, and love the info she has on all aspects of goat raising.

Herbal Legacy – I’ve been a student of Dr. Christopher’s since the 1970s, everything he has written is important to read for the knowledge it contains.