Going Grain Free…

Penny, grazing goat
Penny Pink Nose, an Alpine goat out of Spot, loves her daily foraging walks.

May 17th, 2015 ….I just had a visit with my doctor…a month ago we did my allergy test via blood sample to test for antibodies for various foods I might be allergic to. Turns out I’m allergic to all milk now as well as all eggs…and to make things even better I can’t eat oats, barley, mushrooms (really???), and anything with gluten in it. I went to a few different sites for clarification on things and it seems like things I wasn’t allergic to before…like goats milk…might become contaminated with things I am allergic to and then my body associates the two things as one. For instance – if I am super sensitive to gluten and feed my goats gluten I could react to the gluten in their diet and slowly become allergic to goats milk as well.

So…the girls are going gluten…no, actually they are going totally grain free…some say oats don’t have gluten in it but it does, it’s just a different form of gluten than you find in wheat. So – sigh – how do I do this??? Time for more research!

I’ve been following the folks at Land of Havilah¬†for quite awhile. A few years ago a friend had an allergic reaction to goats milk and found out that it was the soy that she was reacting to. So we eliminated soy and all commercial goat feed from the girls diet and after a few months it was ok for my friend to drink again. So with that in mind I’ve got to design a new system that will hopefully allow me to do milk and cheese again.

One way is to sprout the barley/wheat grains and offer to goats as an alternative to commercial feed. Another idea is to take daily walks in the forest behind the house – which also gets me exercising and outside away from electronics!

2015-06-05 18.52.09

2015-06-05 19.27.14

Update: June 16th, 2015 – it’s been a month now since starting this new way of doing things and so far so good for most things. Sprouting grain is ok, but really need to invest in a fodder system to get maximum return on my efforts. So far it’s been either too cold or too hot and only the chickens will eat the sprouts! But the walking with the goats has not only helped get more minerals in their diet but they also get exercise (and so do I!) which helps everything.

2015-06-07 19.55.19Also – research seems to also say that my gut needs healing, not surprising to me, and it’s actually possible to go on the GAPS diet for 2 years and be healed of all allergies…I also know that if your gut or microbiome is out of balance you need to eliminate all carbohydrates and eat a ton of veggies in the raw, and since it’s almost summer I’m in heaven! Since I”m allergic to wheat and everything gluten I can easisly avoid the pitfalls of going back to ‘old’ eating habits which usually means your gut returns to the outta balance state it was when you started. More later!


Spot appreciating the smorgasbord of food available to her on our walks.





Spot appreciating the smorgasbord of food available to her on our walks.